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Prices 2019

● All prices quoted here are approximate as each assignment is assessed separately.
● Our prices are competitive and offer great value

● General Tidy up: cleaning headstone, surrounds, weeding, cutting grass from £50
● General tidy up (as above) but with addition of fresh stones (marble/ limestone chips/ pebbles etc) from £120
● Extreme Cleaning of White Marble Headstone and surround including lettering and new stones from £180
● Extreme Cleaning and re-cementing of interior and replacement of stones from £160
● Headstone lettering / repainted - guilded from £60 (gold / silver / white )
● Re-turfing grave area and general tidy up  from £80
● Maintenance  Payment per visit £40* This is a cost effective way of keeping your loved ones grave in pristine condition throughout the year.

 *First clean up may be priced higher depending on work to be done ANNUAL MAINTENANCE from £100
● Floral tributes placed on special occasions from  £25
 PAYMENT OPTIONS  >>>>>>> Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer / PayPal

Prices apply to Northern Ireland region only.  Republic of Ireland prices on request

At We Tidy Graves no grave is beyond renovation. Here is an example of what can be achieved.