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In many new sections of cemeteries there are restriction on the size of surrounds permitted to jut out from the headstone. The size is often limited to 3 feet, and at We Tidy Graves we offer a competitively-priced alternative. The price of marble surrounds can be substantial but the concrete screed version can be constructed from only £200. Contact us on 07718282816


Laying grass does give great neat results to a grave makeover especially after a recent burial. The roll-out grass/turf does need some TLC during the "bedding-in" period and this means a lot of water. Sometimes in Summer this can be quite challenging but this years very wet summer in Northern Ireland  has meant no long drought periods. In this example you can see the preparations  involved in the transformation.
For similar work do give us a call on 07718282816 or on the Landline 02890292140 and remember the We Tidy Graves team travels to all cemeteries across Northern Ireland and into the Republic.

Before and after pictures show what can be achieved by the We Tidy Graves team. We travel to ALL cemeteries across all of Northern Ireland and we offer a fast reliable service.Our work includes re-capping, headstone restoration, cleaning stones, laying roll out grass and fitting artificial grass. Contact Andrew on 07718282816 for more information or send details to the email

Making a grave easy to maintain is very often a high priority for clients and many more are  asking for artificial grass as an alternative to decorative stones like granite or marble chips. These pictures show what can be achieved from as little as £150 so contact us know if you would like to know more.




Clean up and re-stone of a grave where some of the writing needed to be re-silvered as well. The stone is cleaned to reveal the original colour and new granite stones are flecked with white marble chips to give a neat overall finish. For similar work please contact us on our landline  02890 292140 or on the mobile 07718282816

After a grave has been opened and the soil and has been allowed to settled, it is then time for the interior to be re-capped or re-sealed before the decorative stones can be placed back again. The standard process begins with the grave being levelled and usually stones added to help with drainage. The levelled area is then recapped with re-inforced concrete and left for at least a few days to "cure" before the colourful decorative stones are added. This makeover usually costs approx £100 dependent on size of grave and the amount of preparation time.


2" reinforced smoothed concrete

All recaps of grave interiors are made from reinforced concrete after careful preparation of grave.  Prices start from £100 per recap. ( Prices will vary according to preparation and size of grave) WhatsApp/Tel/Text 07718282816

Re-capping prices from only £100
Kerbs realigned and cemented


A graveside in needed of major renovation and the removal of thick layers of paint. Nothing worse than paint added onto stone in my opinion as the natural colour of the stone is so much better. The interior was cleared of soil and the sides cleared of weeds before extreme cleaning of the headstone and kerbs. The stone was angled-grinded back to clean removing years of paint layers. Decorative stones added a finishing touch and the job was complete.  Cost of renovation including labour and all materials £350

We know that your loved ones final resting place is very important to you and we understand that there are many reasons why you may not be able to visit and maintain the site as often as you would like…………Whether it's today’s hectic lifestyle, physically unable, or simply live too far away. Whatever the reason, we are here to help. From seasonal to monthly visits, we will take care of your loved ones resting place with the respect they deserve.

We offer a full renovation and makeover service which includes stone cleaning / headstone lettering repainting / recapping- re-concreting interiors and also adding new decorative stones.  

Our work area includes all of Northern Ireland cemeteries and into the Republic of Ireland.