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At We Tidy Graves we travel to all cemeteries across Northern Ireland and into the Republic. Our work includes re-cementing /re-concreting interiors, cleaning badly-stained stonework, restoring headstones, cleaning or replacing decorative stones and a lot more. Our work can transform a grave which has seen years of neglect. The We Tidy Graves team approach all work methodically and accurately and will complete all jobs quickly and efficiently depending on what is needed.

Step by Step work on badly broken grave at Belfast City cemetery

You can speak directly with Andrew or Paul and discuss how you would like the grave to look and any changes you want made.   email
Tel: 0771 82 82 81 6 (Andrew)   Tel: 07842 700 649  (Paul)   Landline  02890 292140

A series of before and after pictures showing what is achievable

Dramatic transformations on a graveside in Belfast City Cemetery
Foundation and Surround extreme work at Inch Cemetery near Downpatrick